How SkypeTime works

SkypeTime collects statistics of the employee’s work, based on the data about the employee’s presence status change in Skype for Business, as well as about the device from which this status was obtained. The system checks the information from the RDG (Remote Desktop Gateway) gateways, which makes it possible to find out whether the employee entered the computer locally or remotely.

In addition, it collects information about connections from the user’s name to internal company resources (Mail, Skype for Business, SharePoint).

Based on the received information, SkypeTime builds accurate reports on the work schedule, including such parameters as:

  • Time of arrival to the office;
  • Time of the beginning and the end of the lunch break;
  • Leaving time;
  • Real working hours and comparison with planned;
  • Overtimes;
  • Remote work.

No additional programs are installing on users’ computers. All components of SkypeTime are installing on servers, and the Skype for Business client directly acts as the «agent» that supplies presence information.
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SkypeTime deployment schema

Tight integration with the Active Directory infrastructure and Skype For Business makes it possible to minimize the efforts of administrators to configure SkypeTime, so adding and removing users and devices after the integration will be done automatically.

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