Request approvement

New application is sent to Manager for approval. The notification comes to e-mail and displays in the «Absence Requests» information panel.

Manger can make a decision on request either from the interface or by answering to the incoming letter.

Approval of the application through the interface is possible in two ways:

  • go to the page «Edit request»;
  • via the Notifications panel.

The first way: go to «All requests» and open a request with status «New». The request can be Approved or Declined, in addition the Manager can leave a comment.

request approvement skypetime

The second way: in case of new requests, there is an icon with the number of new requests (in the upper right corner).

request approvement skypetime

Manager can select the following actions from the notification bar: Approve, Reject and mark as read.

Once the decision is made, the user receives a notification with updated status about request.