Create request

The Supervisor can create queries on behalf of the employee, for whom he is listed as an observer. In the «Initiator» field, you must select the user whose name the query will be created on. You can also create a query from an existing template (See. «Application templates») or fill out the form yourself.

The schedule of holidays is formed on the basis of applications submitted by employees or their managers.

There are two ways to create a request:

  • through the interface;
  • e-mail.

In the sent letters, the keywords «Holiday», «Day off», «Since», «To» … which are indicated in the body of the message will be automatically recognized.

skypetime user all requests

After the User has created a vacation application, the Supervisor will receive a notification about the request registered in the system. And after the Manager takes a decision, the Supervisor will be notified of this.

All requests

This section displays all requests from subordinate employees.

To find the request in the left pane, the filter is implemented according to the following fields: Date Range, Department, Employees, Reason for Absence, Status.

skypetime all requests

Delete or make changes to the user-created query Supervisor cannot. If you try to do this, the message about the lack of rights to perform the action will be displayed.