Data Collection Service

Client’s status data collection

The system gather Skype for Business presence information from [rtc] and [rtcdyn] databases, the status of the Skype for Business activity (Available status online, Busy status busy, Do Not Disturb status not disturb, Away status not here, Offline status offline ), thus determining the presence of the employee in the workplace.

Calls and conferences data collection

The databases [rtc] and [LcsCDR] contain information about calls or share desktop duration, start time and end time.

Next actions can be tracked:

  • audio conference
  • video conference
  • group chat
  • desktop demonstration
  • demonstration of the application
  • sending a file

RDG connections data collection

Information about remote connections collects from the RDG server event log. The collection service is a Windows Service Application. It is deploying on the gateway and require local administrator permissions.

Received data of remote sessions is recording into database table of the SkypeTime application.

Data collection about working with internal resources

To collect data about working with internal company resources (Mail, Skype for Business, SharePoint), the service processes log files of IIS and ARR servers, which are lists with detailed information about all incoming to the internal network, requests.