System description

The SkypeTime system is a web application and a set of services for collecting and processing data of users connecting to corporate resources: Skype for Business, Exchange, SharePoint, RDG, etc. On the basis of data from the server log files SkypeTime builds reports on the presence of the user at the workplace, on connections from outside, compares them with the employee work schedule, identifies violations of both labor discipline and corporate network security.

The main service receives information about changing the presence status of Skype for Business from the server’s log-files, information about connections to internal corporate resources from the external network – using the log files of the IIS and ARR servers, as well as from the RDG event log.

data sources skypetime

Based on received information, the system generates reports that include the following particulars:

  • the schedule of attendance of the employee at the workplace (the start and end of the working day, breaks, lateness, overtime, vacations, compensatory leave, business trip, sick leave, remote work);
  • duration and number of performed calls, audio and video conferences;
  • connect to the corporate network from the outside (connections through Virtual Private Network (VPN), remote desktop connections via RDG, requests to internal resources (Mail, Skype for Business, SharePoint)).