System structure

block shema skypetime

The system based on the next components:

  1. MS Skype for Business;
  2. MS Exchange;
  3. MS Remote Desktop Gateway;
  4. IIS Application Request Routing.


Requirements: SQL Server Express 14 (or above) or SQL Server 2014 (or above). To obtain information allow access to the listed below Databases tables.

SfB client’s status

Skype For Business DB:

  • [rtc]
  • [rtcdyn]


  • [rtc].[dbo].[ResourceDirectory]
  • [rtc].[dbo].[Resource]
  • [rtcdyn].[dbo].[PublishedInstance]
  • [rtcdyn].[dbo].[RegistrarEndpoint]

Calls and conferences

It is required access to the following databases to receive data about calls, audio and video conferences in Skype for Business:

  • [rtc]
  • [LcsCDR]*

*Note: LcsCDR is being created when you add the Monitoring Server & Reports role for Skype for Business. This role is not installed by default.

Data views (SQL Views) and tables:


  • [rtc].[dbo].[ResourcePhone].


  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferenceSessionDetailsBaseView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferenceSessionDetailsSummaryView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferenceSessionWithInstanceView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferencesView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[ConferencesView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[SessionDetailsView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[ConferenceSessionDetailsView]

RDG connections data collection

The service receives information about remote sessions via win32api, using the Win32_TSGatewayConnection function.

Data Collection Service

Client’s status data collection

The system gather Skype for Business presence information from [rtc] and [rtcdyn] databases, the status of the Skype for Business activity (Available status online, Busy status busy, Do Not Disturb status not disturb, Away status not here, Offline status offline ), thus determining the presence of the employee in the workplace.

Calls and conferences data collection

The databases [rtc] and [LcsCDR] contain information about calls or share desktop duration, start time and end time.

Next actions can be tracked:

  • audio conference
  • video conference
  • group chat
  • desktop demonstration
  • demonstration of the application
  • sending a file

RDG connections data collection

Information about remote connections collects from the RDG server event log. The collection service is a Windows Service Application. It is deploying on the gateway and require local administrator permissions.

Received data of remote sessions is recording into database table of the SkypeTime application.

Data collection about working with internal resources

To collect data about working with internal company resources (Mail, Skype for Business, SharePoint), the service processes log files of IIS and ARR servers, which are lists with detailed information about all incoming to the internal network, requests.

Mail Service

Mail service sends notifications and creates tickets received via mail. SkypeTime connects to the mailbox through the Exchange Web Service API (EWS). As soon as mail arrives, it passing Keywords check and recording into the system database. In this case, the manager receives an email with a request for confirmation. If necessary, you can enable emailing monthly staff reports.

By sending a letter, you can quickly create, approve or reject any request such as vacation, day off, sick leave, etc. The service recognizes the keywords «from», «to», «vacation», «day off», «holiday», «public holiday», «sick leave» and other variations with this meanings. For example, to request remote work, you can use the words «home», «from home», «remote», «remotely», «out of office», etc.

Web Application

Web Application provides user interface and access to SkypeTime reports and tools, allows to display all collected and processed information, as well as make additional changes using the web browser. The data are presented in the form of reports structured using graphs and tables.

Web application runs on Internet Information Services (IIS).