Release date: March 4, 2018

What’s new

  • Cloud
    • The SkypeTime cloud service is now available with all functionality of the on-premise version.
  • ACS
    • Access control systems (ACS) added as a new data source. The feature has been tested with the Biostar ACS.
  • Security
    • The country name and provider name added to external connections information.
  • Admin panel
    • Service health monitoring added. The data source connection settings moved to the admin panel.
  • User features
    • Data sources filter available at employees report (ACS, Skype for Business, Active Directory);
    • Enabled flexible working hours of employees and departments;
    • Weekends are selected visually and functionally. Their display in the table is disabled by default;
    • Mail notifications for managers about latecomers and absent employees added;
    • Application redesign.

Release date: October 19, 2017

This autumn we tried our best to improve the SkypeTime functionality. Also, we added new report about Active Directory (AD) presence, new menu sections in administrator panel: «External IPs», «Modules».

What’s new

  • Automatic updating of reports when filters are changed;
  • AD-presence in Gantt charts added;
  • Editing of information panels in the personal account of the Manager / Inspector;
  • Ability to enable / disable notifications added;
  • Ability to customize the personal «white» – list of IP addresses added;
  • Icon-animation redesign;
  • Employee’s «Work schedule history» added;
  • In the User dashboard the information panel «External activity chart » added;
  • Ability to «Mark as read» in notifications added;
  • Setting the «white» – list of IP addresses in the «External IPs»;
  • Ability to enable / disable data sources in the administrator panel («Modules»).

Release date: August 8, 2017

This summer we tried our best to improve the SkypeTime interface and make the program easier to use. Also, we added new reports about external connections to internal company resources; these reports is the step to information security.

What’s new

  • Appearance:
    • Interface design;
    • Dynamic scale for the Gantt chart.
  • Functionality:
    • Notification for Supervisors and Managers;
    • Ability to edit dashboards in personal account;
    • Tooltips on the Gantt chart;
    • 2 new reports: “External activity chart” and “External activity log”;
    • New settings to setup connection to RDG and IIS servers in the Admin panel;
    • Requests’ templates;
    • Export reports to Excel;
    • Remote sessions, calls, missed calls information showed at the Gantt.


  • Data display in the “Report by Department”;
  • Pages’ cache;
  • Transition to the “New Request” error;
  • Tooltips for Internet Explorer;
  • Period selection: Current week, Previous week, Next week, Current month, More (manually set the date);
  • Data filter in reports;
  • The diagram in the report “External activity”.

Release date: March 6, 2017

Spring SkypeTime update contains a legend, added to the Gantt chart, new section “Career” in the menu item “Employees”, as well as possibility of displaying missed calls. For the convenience of using the program in different time zones, the date / time settings were implemented and localization to other languages was carried out.

  • Added a legend with the types of absences to the diagrams in the reports:
    • Report by Worktime;
    • Report by Employee;
    • Report by Department;
    • Report by Holidays.
  • New section added:
    • Careers.
  • A personal page of the user settings has been implemented:
    • Possibility to change language;
    • Possibility to change date/time.
  • Accounting for missed calls is realized, displaying missed calls in reports:
    • Report by Worktime;
    • Report by Employee;
    • Report by Department.
  • The functionality of “Ticket notification” is added to Manager dashboard;
  • New report “Calls” added;
  • Improved display of remote sessions in reports:
    • Report by Worktime;
    • Report by Employee;
    • Report by Department.

Release date: 29 December, 2016

December SkypeTime update contains new types of reports, improved dashboard for all types of users, new data source, new report, new type of absence, optimized displaying of requests and tickets in reports.

  • Data source – Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) added;
  • New reports added:
    • Remote sessions;
    • Report by Action:
      1. Lateness;
      2. Absence;
      3. Early departure.
  • Added new type of absence – “Remote work”;
  • Optimized reports:
    • Report by Holiday;
    • Report by Period.
  • Displaying created tickets in the Report by Holiday;
  • The opportunity to send monthly reports via e-mail;
  • Ticket templates were added;
  • Possibility to create and approve requests via e-mail.

Release date: November 3, 2016

In this SkypeTime update contains improvements for each type of users, list of public holidays was added, as well as new reports and their visualization.

  • Manager and Supervisor dashboards have been improved:
    • Short daily report;
    • Full daily report.
  • Added new reports:
    • Report by Worktime;
    • Report by Department;
    • Report by Requests.
  • Added visualization to all available report types (Gantt chart);
  • For now, the database of the service includes a list of public holidays.

Release date: September 9, 2016

This SkypeTime update contains improvements and fixes for the following issues:

  • New levels of access:
    • Supervisor;
    • Administrator.
  • New dashboard for Supervisor;
  • Added a separated security page for administrator settings:
    • Database connection settings;
    • Geolocation.
  • The opportunity to work with applications via e-mail;
  • Quick Access Toolbar Item:
    • Employees;
    • Devices;
    • Departments.
  • Detailed setting of user’s work schedule;
  • New report added:
    • Report by Period.
  • Implemented the possibility of creating a “flexible schedule” for each user.

SkypeTime is a service for receiving and processing log files from Skype For Business server, as well as the web interface displaying this data in the form of reports. To organize the hierarchy of roles was established:

  • User;
  • Manager.

Each role has its own functionality and includes features of the previous one. Thus, the Manager has user functionality, as well as some additional features such as the ability to make a decision on tickets for leave.

  • Available reports:
    • Report by Day;
    • Timesheet;
    • Report by Employee;
    • Report by Holiday.
  • Reference:
    • Employees;
    • Departments;
    • Devices.
  • The functionality to work with tickets through the web interface:
    • Day off;
    • Vacation;
    • Hospital (Sick leave).
  • Automatically adding of new users;
  • Dashboards for each role.