System Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements:

For small-sized environments (less than 1000 users) For medium-sized environments (more than 1000 users)
Processor 64-bit OCTA-core 64-bit OCTA-core
RAM 8 GB 16 GB
Storage 100 GB 100 GB

Software requirements:

  1. Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8, Windows 10;
  2. MS SQL 2014 Express SP2;
  3. .Net framework 4.5 and Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4;
  4. Internet Information Services 8.5 (IIS 8.5) and above;
  5. Installed ARR extension for IIS;
  6. Skype for Business;
  7. Microsoft Exchange;
  8. Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) – for tracking remote connections.

Account permissions and security settings in SkypeTime

The following account permissions are required to start collecting “call and status” data:

  1. Local administrator rights on the SkypeTime server;
  2. Read only access to several tables in the database:

Remote connections data collecting require following permissions:

  1. Local administrator on RDG server;
  2. Read and Write rights for SkypeTime database.

SkypeTime Mail service require:

  1. Mailbox account on the Exchange server;
  2. Local administrator on the SkypeTime server;
  3. Read and write permissions for SkypeTime DB.

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