User Guide

In the system of monitoring of working hours Skypetime the following roles are realized:

  • User – this role is assigned by default for a new user, the access level is minimal. The user cannot make changes regarding the schedule of the company and its structure.
  • Manager – a role intended for heads of departments and divisions of the company. The manager has access to reports on employees of his department, makes decisions on accepting applications for leave, compensatory leave, sick leave, has the ability to change the parameters of the department and subordinates.
  • Supervizor – a role intended for assistant managers. The main difference from the Manager in the absence of rights to make decisions on applications for absences.
  • Administrator – can add new employees and assign roles, used to configure the system Settings.

Each next role, starting with the lowest level (User), includes the functionality of the previous one. This system of rights allows you to organize a flexible system of access to information in SkypeTime.

hierarchy of rights skypetime