Requirements: SQL Server Express 14 (or above) or SQL Server 2014 (or above). To obtain information allow access to the listed below Databases tables.

SfB client’s status

Skype For Business DB:

  • [rtc]
  • [rtcdyn]


  • [rtc].[dbo].[ResourceDirectory]
  • [rtc].[dbo].[Resource]
  • [rtcdyn].[dbo].[PublishedInstance]
  • [rtcdyn].[dbo].[RegistrarEndpoint]

Calls and conferences

It is required access to the following databases to receive data about calls, audio and video conferences in Skype for Business:

  • [rtc]
  • [LcsCDR]*

*Note: LcsCDR is being created when you add the Monitoring Server & Reports role for Skype for Business. This role is not installed by default.

Data views (SQL Views) and tables:


  • [rtc].[dbo].[ResourcePhone].


  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferenceSessionDetailsBaseView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferenceSessionDetailsSummaryView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferenceSessionWithInstanceView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[CDRReportsConferencesView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[ConferencesView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[SessionDetailsView]
  • [LcsCDR].[dbo].[ConferenceSessionDetailsView]

RDG connections data collection

The service receives information about remote sessions via win32api, using the Win32_TSGatewayConnection function.