Create request

To create applications for holidays, sick leave, or business trips in the SkypeTime, use the menu item «Create Request». The manager also has the rights to create applications on behalf of their colleagues.

When creating a new request can choose to use an existing template (See. «Application templates»), or fill in manually.

Once the employee has completed filling out an application, it is automatically routed for approval of his boss.

skypetime creating request

Users who approve the application will receive a letter with a notice of the creation of a new application. Notification of the creation of an application is displayed in the web-interface, and also sent as a letter to the mail.

After approval / rejection of the application for the corresponding variable is set / not set, then based on which action will be produced to alert employees required, for setting the respective status of the application and the recording schedule absences. You can decide at once in in the body of the message, or through the web-interface.

skypetime admin all requests

After the decision has been taken the user will be notified with the updated status of the application.