Applies to: Skypetime based on-premises Skype for Business Server, Skypetime based on Active Directory, Skypetime based on Skype for Business Server Online (External / Internal devices’ type determination in unavailable)

Available for: Supervisor, Manager, Administrator

Devices – the list of devices from which users enter the system.

skypetime devices

In the left panel, there is a filter, with which you can quickly search for the device.

Type of devices:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Mobile
  • OWA

Internal – a device that is trusted and located on the premises of the enterprise.

External – a device that is also trusted, but is connected to the system via the Internet.

Mobile Internet device – compact mobile computers, designed primarily for viewing web pages, working with web services and communication.

OWA – a web client for accessing the Microsoft Exchange collaboration server.