The first-page User can see at login is the personal dashboard. Here he can check main reports about his working schedule and productivity. Also he can create new request for day off, sick leave, business trip, etc.

user main page

For clarity, the data are presented in the form of Gantt chart. Also, Chart legend works as a filter for the displayed data. To change the data displayed in the Gantt chart, select or clear the check mark in legend.

Dashboard contains several information tables displaying different reports for the week, colleagues’ tickets for leave and day offs. The data in the tables can be sorted by the selected parameter.

Edit Dashboard

For more convenient perception of various data in your account, you can change the location and types of Web Parts. To change the set and layout of dashboards move the mouse pointer over the settings icon in the upper right corner and select «Edit Dashboard».

skypetime personal account edit

skypetime personal account edit

There will be two tabs on the left side of the screen.

Choose the most convenient location for dashboards and click on the next tab «Web Parts».

You will be offered a list of different panels:

Worktime Amount

A dashboard that displays the start and the end of the workday, lateness and early departure from work, the amount of time spent and overtimes. By default, data is presented for the current week.

skypetime personal account worktime amount

Requested Leaves

This dashboard is a list of all your applications for holidays / day off / sick leave for the year.

skypetime personal account requested leaves


A web part that displays totals for the week, such as:

  • Worktime
  • Overtime
  • Total Online
  • Planned working time
  • The shortest day
  • Daily average working day
  • Amount of lateness | early leaving
  • Total time of lateness | early leaving
  • Maximum absence
  • Absence Time
  • Missed calls
  • Used time for period
  • Holidays Left

skypetime personal account summary

Diagram by week

This web panel is represented as a Gantt chart. This allows you to visualize the data. The list of days is on the left on the vertical axis, and the time scale is on top horizontally. Each activity in the system is represented by a particular color stripe (view diagram legend) and length represents the duration of work. In fact, the Gantt chart allows you to visually show how long the employee was working and when he was absent.

skypetime personal account weekly diagram

External activity chart

skypetime external activity chart

skypetime personal account edit Drag the desired panel from the list to an empty space, and release. The dashboard will be located at the selected location and adjusted to the resolution of your screen. Fill out all the necessary empty places as you like. After you choose the most convenient location, click «Save» button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Additionally, user can create request or go to reports.